Cleanroom Air Shower

Clean Room Air Shower Manufacturer

Clean Room Air Shower – The manufactured range of Air showers are designed to quickly and effectively remove the particulate prior to entering a cleanroom. These air showers utilize high-pressure, HEPA – or ULPA-filtered air to remove the dust particle, germs, fibrous lint and other contaminants entering from the clean room. When this air showers are used properly, it can cut down on a vast majority of potential contaminants and helps to make sure that the pharmaceutical furniture in the cleanroom remains safe and uncontaminated. An air shower is a two doors walk-through dust removal system, which is fitted former to cleanroom entering. We are reputed brand in the pharma industry as a leading Clean room air shower manufacturer and supplier due to their unique attributes and comparatively small price. Our offered brand is hugely demanded among the customers developed across Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Karnataka, Hyderabad